Emergency Response

Emergency Spill Response Services

REC provides emergency spill response services to industry clients on a routine basis. REC has responded to numerous abandoned drum dumpings, accidental spills on intrastate highways, train derailments, and oil & gas pipelines pertaining to known and unknown industrial and hazardous wastes at the request of interstate trucking companies, train/railroad companies, oil & gas companies and the Texas Department of Transportation.

Most responses are due to hydrocarbon spills at retail refueling facilities and oil fuel related activities. REC has responded to releases from both the private and state sectors and is on the registered approved list of The Spill Center - a nationwide response center.

REC is able to respond with the proper spill control and containment equipment, sampling personnel and regulatory consulting professionals to efficiently address most accidental releases relating to industrial and hazardous waste materials. REC has worked on numerous spill sites at various locations across Texas and New Mexico and has developed a work rapport with the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC), New Mexico Environmental Office, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to assist REC's clients with technical requirements utilizing practical approaches. All emergency response personnel at REC attend a 24 hour emergency response training school. REC can provide an emergency response trailer and personnel equipped with containment materials and supplies through its 24 hour a day phone service.

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